About Julie

Julie Civiello Polier is a Reiki Master, holistic esthetician, spiritual motivator, and intuitive guide. Combining over a decade of training in movement and voice, breath work, spiritual psychology and energy studies with her own intuition to slow the aging process and boost vitality from within for her clients.

Establishing her in-person practice in the heart of Santa Monica at the Crystal Cave LA, Julie offers her signature Shamanic Facial with the intention to elevate personal and global consciousness while continually growing as both a healer and a facilitator.

In 2020, Julie launched her own beauty initiative, The LINEA Method, combining her love of natural skincare, crystal healing, and gua sha technique into an accessible and affordable beauty ritual. The LINEA tool is specifically designed for optimal functionality, and energetic stimulation combining  Julie's affinity for design, vibrational healing, and slow-aging techniques. Julie aims to empower each and every one to be the alchemist of their own beauty - internally and externally.  The healing is in your hands.

The LINEA Method

The LINEA Method is a practice of meditative motion, following patterns around the face and neck, highlighting quality ingredients and integrating healing oils with crystal technology to promote vitality and slow the aging process.  The importance of connecting the body and breath is essential to the practice and process of THE LINEA METHOD.  Intentional movements curated by founder and energetic esthetician, Julie Civiello Polier,  to perpetuate a youthful, healthier glow and create harmony in your whole being maximizing the benefits of this method by working with the LINEA tool and LINEA luminous face oil.