About Julie

Julie Civiello Polier, founder of LINEA, is a celebrity facialist, holistic esthetician, Reiki Master, spiritual motivator, and intuitive guide. Her work draws from over a decade of training in movement and voice, massage, breathwork, spiritual psychology, and energy studies infused with her own intuition. Julie believes that we all hold the power to tune in and heal ourselves, and she guides her clients to tap into their unique gifts. Julie developed LINEA to educate and empower women to connect inner and outer body, boosting vitality from within. 

In 2020, Julie released LINEA, a three-part elevated skin protocol that combines her love of natural skincare, whole body healing, and facial massage into one accessible and affordable Holistic Beauty Kit.  LINEA’s Holistic Beauty Kit includes an oil, tool, and method specifically designed to optimize skin functionality and energetic stimulation. Through the LINEA Holistic Beauty Kit, Julie encourages women to bring healing into their own hands. It is her mission to transform everyone into the alchemist of their own beauty— internally and externally. 

Julie currently offers her signature facial readings and healing services virtually. Julie has previously offered shamanic healing facials and worked with top brands True Botanicals, OSEA, Jenni Kayne, and celebrities including Miranda Kerr, Christy Turlington, Inez and Vinoodh, Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn. Through her many ventures, Julie strives to elevate personal and global consciousness while continually growing as both a healer and a facilitator.


LINEA is a unique skincare ritual and facial massage technique that combines a luminous and nourishing facial oil with a reiki-infused clear crystal quartz massage tool to promote vitality and longevity. LINEA taps into the connection between body and breath to cultivate a healthy glow and create harmony in your whole being. LINEA is more than a skincare treatment—it's a way to dissolve your stress, activate your radiance and access your personal youth tonic.


The Holistic Beauty Kit by LINEA:

Each tool within the Holistic Beauty Kit plays an integral role in LINEA. The Holistic Beauty Kit contains:

LINEA Crystal Massage Tool: clear quartz crystal attached to a 14k gold plated silver chain. Each Crystal Massage Tool is precisely designed with two flat edges and one combed edge to contour, tone and lift the visage while healing skin imbalances and diminishing premature signs of aging. When not in use, the Crystal Massage Tool doubles as a beautiful statement pendant that rests perfectly on your heart chakra. Reiki master + LINEA founder, Julie Civiello Polier, personally infuses each with healing reiki energy. 

LINEA Luminous Facial Oil: a custom blend where each ingredient is selected to holistically heal, nourish and rejuvenate the skin when used in conjunction with the LINEA facial massage tool for ease of movement. 

LINEA Methods: healing guides and tutorials to restore balance and harmony to the face and mind. 


Love for our Mother:

Please note that we care for the environment in the same way that we care for our skin,

with the highest possible integrity. 

All of LINEA’s packaging is made of recycled materials. All paper materials are FSC certified, the mark of sustainable forestry. The LINEA box is designed to be reused and serves as the perfect complement to your toiletry bag for travel, protecting your oil and tool. Our recycled padded mailers are compostable and their ink is nontoxic algae-based. Our glass (never plastic!) Facial Oil bottle is refillable.