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  • Each LINEA pendant is carved from clear quartz crystal by a master jeweler and is completely unique with its own personality.  The quartz variations in each will look different than any others, with some appearing almost clear while others are milky and opaque with quartz striations and inclusions.  The inclusions come from microscopic droplets of fluids that have been encased in the crystal from the time the crystal first grew deep within the Earth.  These variations in the crystals are not cracks.  The milky quartz can occasionally have gold carried in its hydrothermal veins.  

    The LINEA necklace chain is sterling silver plated with 14k gold. 

    All crystals in the bundles and the LINEA kit are responsibly and ethically sourced.

  • We are unable to accept returns due to hygienic reasons.  Our Luminous facial oil is made in very small batches to ensure our luxurious and high quality ingredients maintain the longest shelf life and efficacy.  Our oils are formulated in a sterile environment to safeguard quality control.  Once the bottles leave our hands, we have no way of knowing how they may have been compromised.

    If your crystal cracks or shatters discontinue using it!  Please return your crystal to the Earth by burying it in a house plant, in your garden, or somewhere safe.  Email linea@julieciviellopolier.com for replacing the pendant at a discounted rate.

  • A tracking number is provided with your shipping email confirmation. It may take 24 hours for the tracking number to properly reflect the status of your shipment. 

    Orders with invalid addresses may be returned to us and can result in delivery delays. 

    After an order has been confirmed as delivered to the matching shipping address, we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages.

  • If an item is listed as “Pre-Order” we are still crafting your elements together. The Pre-Order estimated shipping date is listed and may ship sooner once your order is complete.

  • Crystal Pendant:

    Energetically cleanse your crystal often or before each use.  Saying something like, “you are now cleansed and cleared” is very effective.  You can also use a smudge like sage or palo santo as an energetic cleanser.  Simply light one small leaf of sage or the palo santo stick and waft the smoke around the crystal and hold the intention of a cleansed and expansive crystal.  

    Physically cleansing your crystal can be done with gentle soap and water.  Use caution as the crystal becomes slippery and can shatter if dropped in the sink.  You can also disinfect your crystal with an alcohol wipe, just be sure to wipe again with a clean cloth to remove any residue before making contact with your skin.