The LINEA Method

The Holistic Beauty Kit by LINEA:

Each tool within the Holistic Beauty Kit plays an integral role in LINEA. The Holistic Beauty Kit contains:

LINEA Crystal Massage Tool: clear quartz crystal attached to a 14k gold plated silver chain. Each Crystal Massage Tool is precisely designed with two flat edges and one combed edge to contour, tone and lift the visage while healing skin imbalances and diminishing premature signs of aging. When not in use, the Crystal Massage Tool doubles as a beautiful statement pendant that rests perfectly on your heart chakra. Reiki master + LINEA founder, Julie Civiello Polier, personally infuses each with healing reiki energy. 

LINEA Luminous Facial Oil: a custom blend where each ingredient is selected to holistically heal, nourish and rejuvenate the skin when used in conjunction with the LINEA facial massage tool for ease of movement. 

LINEA Methods: healing guides and tutorials to restore balance and harmony to the face and mind. 


Love For Our Mother:

Please note that we care for the environment in the same way that we care for our skin, with the highest possible integrity. 

All of LINEA’s packaging is made of recycled materials. All paper materials are FSC certified, the mark of sustainable forestry. The LINEA box is designed to be reused and serves as the perfect complement to your toiletry bag for travel, protecting your oil and tool. Our recycled padded mailers are compostable and their ink is nontoxic algae-based. Our glass (never plastic!) Facial Oil bottle is refillable.   


Ingredient Spotlight:

Each ingredient within the LINEA Facial Oil is effective on its own and when blended together, the ingredients create a potent youth tonic to enhance the skin’s natural beauty and vibrancy.  

Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil: anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce irritation, redness and swelling of the skin as well as promote skin hydration, elasticity and cell regeneration. Skin issues like rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema can all greatly benefit from sea buckthorn. 

Organic Jojoba Seed Oil: Vitamin E and B-Complex, found naturally in jojoba seed oil, help to heal and repair damaged skin and prevent cellular breakdown. Jojoba seed oil contains anti-inflammatory benefits that support acne, rosacea, swelling, excess heat, tight muscle and lymphatic system blockages.

Organic Raspberry Seed Oil: Dense with antioxidants and vitamins A and E, raspberry seed oil can reverse the effects of sun damage, tighten and tone the skin, and aid in healing psoriasis and eczema. Raspberry seed oil may also boost collagen and elastin production. 

Crystal Technology + Precious Metal Alchemy

Clear Quartz crystal invites clarity, healing, cleansing, and amplification. Its coloring is clear and white, aligning with the crown chakra. This energy center at the top of your head is known for receiving divine inspiration and truth. Clear Quartz is known as the Master healer stone believed to align your body’s natural energy flow known as the chakra system. This stone is very grounding and can assist you to make decisions from a clear and centered place. The Clear Quartz assists in freeing you up from absorbing others’ energy around you, so you may remain sovereign and serene.

Our LINEA necklace chain is sterling silver and plated with gold, offering both healing properties of each metal element. Gold is known as a Master Healer, expanding and amplifying the Master Healer properties of the Clear Quartz.

Gold has the potential to lift you out of “emotional waves” and assist you to alchemize the experience, opening up a seat at the table of Universal Truth. Silver is also known as a healing metal and stimulates psychic awareness. Both Gold and Silver are amplifiers of the healing properties of the Crystal they are paired with.

We recommend that you adjust your chain so that the LINEA tool sits over your heart space or just above your sternum in between your lungs to charge and clear your heart center for clarity and connection to the wisdom of your heart.