The LINEA Method

The LINEA Method by Julie Civiello Polier is an energy balancing and sustainable skin care initiative combining Julie’s love of  organic skincare, crystal technology, and facial massage techniques.  Rooted in tradition and modern design, The LINEA Holistic Beauty Kit contains a personalized  crystal massage tool and facial oil blend designed for functionality,  energetic and sensory stimulation and individual accessibility in conjunction with the LINEA Method.  Combining an affinity for high-end jewelry, vibrational healing, and slow-aging techniques, Julie aims to  empower each and every one to be the alchemist of their own organic beauty routine - internally and externally.  

The LINEA Holistic Beauty Kit is a minimalist’s approach to balanced beauty harnessing our own bodies' energetic system along specific lines to cultivate internal and external beauty  The kit includes a precisely designed, reiki-infused clear crystal quartz on a custom gold-plated necklace to be used in support with the LINEA Method and Luminous face oil.

Crystal Technology + Precious Metal Alchemy

Clear Quartz crystal invites clarity, healing, cleansing, and amplification. Its coloring is clear and white, aligning with the crown chakra. This energy center at the top of your head is known for receiving divine inspiration and truth. Clear Quartz is known as the Master healer stone believed to align your body’s natural energy flow known as the chakra system. This stone is very grounding and can assist you to make decisions from a clear and centered place. The Clear Quartz assists in freeing you up from absorbing others’ energy around you, so you may remain sovereign and serene.

Our LINEA necklace chain is sterling silver and plated with gold, offering both healing properties of each metal element. Gold is known as a Master Healer, expanding and amplifying the Master Healer properties of the Clear Quartz.

Gold has the potential to lift you out of “emotional waves” and assist you to alchemize the experience, opening up a seat at the table of Universal Truth. Silver is also known as a healing metal and stimulates psychic awareness. Both Gold and Silver are amplifiers of the healing properties of the Crystal they are paired with.

We recommend that you adjust your chain so that the LINEA tool sits over your heart space or just above your sternum in between your lungs to charge and clear your heart center for clarity and connection to the wisdom of your heart.