Shamanic facials and energy healing with Reiki master Julie Civiello Polier



Shamanic Facial . 30

30 mins

Receive a harmonious Reiki healing and grounding, and refresh your skin with the cleansing nourishment of clean and holistic skin care in a breezy and swift facial.


Shamanic Facial . 60

60 mins


Shamanic Facial . M

60 mins


Shamanic Facial. Pregnancy

60 mins


Experience a deep healing and journey to allow your inner beauty to radiate outwards. Feel grounded and detoxed from your Reiki healing as well as fueled and regenerated from the medicine of clean and holistic skin care allowing you to float out of your facial session with your inner wisdom guiding your way.


Elevate your facial with microcurrent electrotherapy, a perfect pairing to your shamanic facial. Microcurrent is gentle and harmless, tapping into your body's own healing system to tone, lift, and recalibrate your cellular makeup to its most youthful and radiant. Your bespoke facial will be curated especially for your skin and energy system using Reiki healing and intuitively paired products. Receive intuitive insights from your facialist to deepen your relationship with your highest self.


Baby on the way? Using a line from True Botanicals, which was formulated with the sensitivities of pregnancy in mind, this facial experience caters to  expecting mothers. In this bespoke treatment, you will receive deep cleansing, custom enzyme exfoliation, extractions, vitamin therapy, and a skin-specific mama-to-be mask that will leave your skin restored and luminous. Experience the lifting and sculpting benefits of gua sha with a rose quartz stone facial massage. The massage followed by Reiki healing—a deeply grounding experience allowing your inner beauty to radiate outwards, while supporting and loving your growing baby.


To experience and see the value of Microcurrent it is supportive to commit to several sessions. Each treatment builds upon the next and the toned lift will remain even longer with more treatment. 

Shamanic Facial 4 Pack & 8 Pack

4 sessions, 75 mins

8 sessions, 75 mins




Reiki Healing

60 mins

Receive a harmonious Reiki healing and grounding to bring balance to your body, mind, spirit. From Japanese lineage, Reiki is energy healing offered through the laying of hands while the practitioner channels universal life force energy. This deep healing allows you to release trapped emotions, blocks, trauma to allow you to become present and activate peace. 


Assists healing and speeds the process of recovery after birth. Microcurrent reminds muscles to return to their origin and also minimizes and heals scarring. A series of sessions is most effective.

Diastasis & Cesarian Microcurrent Package

8 sessions, 60 mins


The Akashic Records is a field of consciousness carrying the recording of every moment, registering all events throughout all lifetimes. Gain access to your Soul's truths and receive profound and healing answers to your deepest questions. (Phone or In-Person)

Akashic Record Readings

15 mins, $60
30 mins, $95