Julie is a Reiki Master, holistic and nurturing esthetician, spiritual counselor, seasoned storyteller, and intuitive reader. Julie uses her decades of training in movement and voice as well as her training in spiritual psychology to listen deeply to the voices of the heart. Her intention is to invite the world’s consciousness to elevate, to continually grow as both a healer and facilitator, as well as be a reminder that each and every one of us are alchemists.


Shamanic Facials by Julie Civiello Polier

These facials are an energetic clearing, a Reiki healing, a meditative journey, an intuitive reading, and an opportunity to restore your skin to clear, radiant, and glowing.


Pair your shamanic facial with microcurrent to receive deep healing. Microcurrent is gentle electrotherapy that organizes, strengthens, tones, and lifts the tissue and muscles at a cellular level. Microcurrent is an incredible alternative to fillers, botox, and face-lift surgery. This treatment also pairs beautifully with injectables, often lengthening the time between visits to the doctor. This treatment is harmless and synthesizes so well with energy work since it activates the natural intelligence of the body's own healing systems.